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Can’t. Friggin. Wait. #lp #adventuretime #baconpancakes

Takin’ a break from animating ’till 4AM – off to break some limbs! #простогостъпи #катонафлет

Temeria or Nilfgaard?

Half the bag-space is full with drawings and sketches. Lets hope the people up North are impressed.

Songs by the Crystalight #7

Winter, with her icy touch

Selected scenes from my graduation film in Animation (link below)

regram @potiridi Summer chronicles. Thanks for the photo @neviiven

Twenty-four & The First Coffin-Nail (‘nother shitty band name)

“Можити ли ма снима до таз скала еьй тука, ама такоа драматичну?”

“Here’s to 4AM, 5AM, 6AM..”

‘Surf days & The Orange Haze’ (shitty band name) #surftrip #rainbowbridge

#qotsa #sketch #cultofscharoh

Song to dance to. #qotsa #likeclockwork

“Something That’s Left”

Lumpy Space Princess

Desert Runner

The Moment of Embrace/Breathe it All In

Desert auroras

alone in the desert


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